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First Semester Report Cards Sent Home


Earlier today, first semester report cards were distributed at school. Each student should have a beautiful copy to post on their refrigerator at home! If you have a child in our district, please take some time tonight to discuss their grades. Ask them how their skills are progressing. Have them show you some of the exciting work they are doing here at school. Our students have much to be proud of! After the conversation, if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let us know.

To help prepare you for the conversation, Kindergarten thru 5th grade report cards display quarter grades. Each quarter represents around 9-weeks worth of work. Grade 6-12 report cards display first quarter and first semester grades. A semester grade represents all 18-weeks of student work since the beginning of the school year. When first semester honor roll is calculated, semester grades are the ones that will be used. For high school courses, the semester grade is the “official grade” listed on all high school transcripts. The semester grade is the one that is used for athletic eligibility as well.

Second semester report cards will follow a similar format. As we look ahead, please think of the 3rd quarter mid-term, the 3rd quarter grade, and the 4th quarter mid-term as progress toward the overall semester grade. Think of the semester grade as an accumulation of 18-weeks worth of work.

We are hopeful this grading/reporting format makes it a little easier to determine how student skills are progressing. In addition, for students in grades 5-12, we are committed to continually improving our use of the Canvas Learning Management System, so students and parents have access to timely feedback on how skills are progressing. Similar to our use of MySchoolBucks in the Billtown Cafe, we are working to ensure Canvas helps students and parents always know where things stand.

We are very excited to have the second semester underway! We can’t wait to see how far student skills advance when we take PARCC, SAT, and AP tests this spring! Only 53 school days until testing begins...

On behalf of the Board of Education, Mr. Binder, our teachers, and the entire Williamsfield Schools staff, we look forward to working with you to make 2017 our best year yet!


Tim Farquer, Superintendent
Williamsfield Schools


After report cards were dispersed, a discrepancy in the CUMULATIVE GPA printed on HS report cards was found. The issue has been resolved and new HS report cards will be distributed tomorrow. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


The January Newsletter is LIVE!

Click the pic below to view the January newsletter! 

A Spark in Williamsfield: Open Education One Year Later

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the US Department of Education came to celebrate our use of Open Education Resources (OER). Since that day, 72 districts and 16 states have followed our lead and made the move to #GoOpen. Please take a moment to click the pic and read Andrew Marcinek's reflective piece on his trip to Williamsfield and his work with the U.S. Department of Education. And to quote Andrew, "...there are still many voices that need amplification. I hope you can join me in helping lift these voices up and continue to make small dents towards equality and equity in education. Our work in just beginning."

How Williamsfield Schools decided to #GoOpen

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