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Integrated Mathematics I, II, III  Grades 9-12  (year-long courses)

Integrated Math courses emphasize the teaching of mathematics as problem solving, communication, and reasoning, and emphasize the connections among mathematical topics and between mathematics and other disciplines. The scope & sequence of Integrated Math replaces the traditional Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II sequence of courses, and usually covers the following topics during a three or four year sequence:  algebra, functions, geometry from both a synthetic and an algebraic perspective, trigonometry, statistics and probability, discrete mathematics, the conceptual underpinnings of calculus, and mathematical structure.


Trigonometry I  Grade 12, first semester  (Prerequisites Integrate Math I-III)

This is a college preparatory math course strongly recommended for students planning on entering a math-related field of study. Topics discussed in this course include:  vectors, circular functions, trigonometry, and applications of trigonometry, and polar coordinates.  Topics in analytic geometry will also be explored.


Calculus I  Grade 12, second semester  (Prerequisites Integrate Math I-III, Trigonometry)

This course explores the basic principles of calculus.


Pre-Calculus (UC Irvine via Coursera)

This course covers mathematical topics in algebra and trigonometry and is designed to prepare students to enroll for a first semester course in single variable calculus. 


Calculus One (The Ohio State University via Coursera)

Calculus One is a first introduction to differential and integral calculus, emphasizing engaging examples from everyday life. 


Calculus Two: Sequences and Series (The Ohio State University via Coursera)

Calculus Two: Sequences and Series is an introduction to sequences, infinite series, convergence tests, and Taylor series. The course emphasizes not just getting answers, but asking the question "why is this true?"


Massively Multivariable Open Online Calculus Course (The Ohio State University via Coursera)

M2O2C2 provides a first taste of multivariable differential calculus. By introducing the machinery of linear algebra, this course provides helpful tools for understanding the derivative of a function of many variables.


Calculus Single Variable (University of Pennsylvania via Coursera)

This course provides a brisk, challenging, and dynamic treatment of differential and integral calculus, with an emphasis on conceptual understanding and applications to the engineering, physical, and social sciences. 


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