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Chorus I-VIII

The high school chorus gives changing and recently changed voices a chance to develop their capabilities while participating in a group activity. The chorus also participates in solo and ensemble contest, and occasionally sings the Star Spangled Banner at varsity ball games.


Advanced Vocal Music

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Advanced Instrumental Music

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Drawing & Printmaking Grades 9-12

Students: explore the foundations of drawing by exploring different media (pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastels, watercolor, and pen and ink) and art forms (landscape, portrait, self-portrait, still life, figure study, et al.)  Through project work you will be introduced to basic printmaking techniques including intaglio (etching & engraving), block printing, monotype, and colligraph.  Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how picture-making has changed the world we live in.


Advanced Drawing & Printmaking Grades 10-12

Prerequisite:  Drawing & Printmaking

Want more drawing? Lets expand upon the base knowledge developed in Drawing & Printmaking.  In this advanced level class you can develop your own individual artistic style while increasing your appreciation for art history and using that as inspiration.  You will also further your knowledge of materials and techniques. Also, know that artistic experimentation is strongly encouraged.


Painting Grades 9-12

Students, this is acrylic painting. Acrylic Painting, these are our students!  In this introduction to painting, an understanding of materials and techniques will be stressed.  The Elements (Line, Color, Texture, Space, Shape, and Value) and Principles (Contrast, Unity, Rhythm, Pattern, Movement, Balance, and Emphasis) of Design will be used as each student explores the act of painting. Art styles (Realism/Naturalism, Abstraction/Nonobjective Painting, Cubism, et al) will also be thoroughly explored through project work, discussion, and group interaction. And if you really want to, go ahead and finger paint.


Advanced Painting Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Painting

If Painting isn’t enough for you, don’t worry - there’s more. In Advanced Painting you can expand on your base knowledge by continuing to make great paintings. While studying the art movements of the great masters, students will be encouraged to further develop your own individual artistic style and advance your knowledge of materials and techniques - all while being encouraged to experiment artistically and use non-traditional painting methods.


Clay 1: Hand-Building Grades 9-12

Always liked playing in the mud? In this course, students will get their hands dirty as they learn various clay hand-building techniques - including pinching, coiling, slab building, and molding.  Glaze chemistry and experimentation with finishes will also be addressed as students explore the creative possibilities of clay through a variety of projects. The importance of craftsmanship will be emphasized.


Clay 2: Sculpture and Wheel-Throwing Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Clay 1

Humankind has been using a potters wheel to create pottery for over 6,000 years. In Clay 2 you can become skilled in the art of wheel-throwing as you dive into the slippery, slimy slip.  When not on the wheel, you will conquer clay sculpture - gaining a full understanding of how to create dynamic sculptures to best exist in 3-D space. Please note that special attention will be paid to craftsmanship and technique.


Advanced Clay: Wheel Throwing Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Clay 1 & 2

Now that you can throw on the wheel - lets see what you can make. Focusing entirely on wheel work, this semester you will fulfill your dream of becoming a production potter. With a focus on productivity and efficiency of process, you will build on and refine existing knowledge by mastering a variety of techniques including: throwing, paddling, trimming, creating lidded vessels, pulling handles, and making spouts.


Advanced Clay: Clay Sculpture Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Clay 1

Understanding 3D forms and how they best exist in space is not easy, but through continued practice, it can be mastered. In this advanced sculpture class, a variety of techniques will be employed to yield amazing outcomes in clay.  Mastering firing and finish is also a prime objective this class.


Art in Society (AP Art History) Grades 9-12

Be led through a 30,000 year journey as Art is traced from man’s beginnings to today.  Multiple approaches will be explored, starting with the understanding and appreciation of Art, criticism, learning the functions of Art, and theorizing on Art’s past and current positions in society.  Discussing and presenting is the primary format of this class, though you will still have a chance to get your hands dirty.


Photography Grades 11 & 12

To understand how light works with a camera is the first step in becoming a photographer.  By learning to use a camera’s manual settings, understanding composition, and practicing how to edit and print and image - students in this class will learn the full process for how to take amazing photographs.

Note:  Each student must have access to a handheld digital camera and SD card.


Advanced Photography (by Teacher Approval)

Only a very small number of seniors, namely those who have proved themselves to be serious students of photography, will be allowed into this class each year. By planning photo shoots, going on assignment, and documenting important events of your Senior Year, the students of Advanced Photo will establish real working photography habits. As a final project, a portfolio for admission into a college photo program will be made.


Digital Filmmaking Grades 11 & 12

4-D Art!? That’s a thing? Yes it is, and in this course you can learn it.  Storytelling, developing a narrative, basic animation, sound design, cinematography, and editing software will all be mastered as student make movies in a variety of formats (documentary, narrative, animation, and experimental.)  You will split time between shooting and editing.  Each student enrolled in Filmmaking will be required to enter one piece in the end of year Film Festival.


Advanced Filmmaking (by Teacher Approval)

Prerequisite: Digital Filmmaking

Only a very small number of seniors, namely those who proved themselves to be serious students in Filmmaking, will be allowed into this class each year.  The main focus of the class will be the development of one short film.  Advanced Filmmaking students will also be required to work together on two projects: The Senior Short, and the introduction to the Film Festival.


Theatre Arts 1: Sets & Lighting Grades 10-12

Each time a theatrical or musical production is launched - hundreds of hours of work have already gone into the creation of the world it inhabits. That all starts with a plan, and in this course students will learn how that plan starts, and each step it takes to make it a reality.


Theatre Arts 2: Costumes & Props Grades 10-12

Broadway’s production of the musical Wicked had over 400 custom made costumes consisting of 2000 individual pieces! The creation of costumes for the theatre is an artform in the truest sense - and in this course, we’ll learn the entire process. Additionally, we’ll learn of variety of manufacturing and finishing techniques to help us fabricate a wide variety of props for the stage.


Advanced Theatre Arts Grades 9-12

Prerequisite: Theatre Arts 1 & 2

You know about theatrical design now, and now it’s time to put your knowledge to use. Working with Mr. Bell and Mrs. Nichols, you will assist in developing designs for a wide variety of productions. Additionally you will have leadership opportunities as you help the beginning level students complete projects relating to lighting, sound, sets, costumes, and props. There’s more to technical theatre than design though, so plan on gaining a complete knowledge for how your designs will become a reality.


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