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Introduction to Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

This course introduces students to the range of agricultural opportunities and the pathways of study they may pursue. Science, mathematics, reading, and writing components are woven in the context of agriculture and students will use the introductory skills and knowledge developed in thus course throughout the CASE curriculum.

This course is available to 8th grade students for yearlong course enrollment. Grades earned count toward cumulative high school GPA.


Ag Mechanics I & II  Grades 10--12

This course is designed to expose the student to basic knowledge and hands-on skills in areas directly applicable to the agricultural industry in this area.  Major units of instruction will include basic hand tool/ power tool knowledge, care and identification; blueprint reading; construction skills; and the basic principles of both arc welding and oxyacetylene welding/ cutting.  Additional units of instruction will include electricity, electrical writing, small engines, and the safety involved with these areas.  Students will have the opportunity to apply these skills and knowledge in a laboratory/ shop setting.  Safety and maintenance of tools/ equipment will be emphasized.

Learning Maps -->  Ag Mechanics I | Ag Mechanics II


Horticulture I & II  Grades 10-12

This course is designed to introduce students to the horticulture industry and provide them with basic plant science knowledge that can be further developed in advanced horticulture courses. Major units of instruction include landscape design, soil science, horticultural careers, plant anatomy, seed germination, plant propagation, growing media, pest management, hydroponics, identifying horticultural plants, growing greenhouse crops, and floral design.  

Credit earned from this course can be applied to the Science graduation requirement.

Learning Maps -->  Horticulture I | Horticulture II


Natural Resources

This course develops management and conservation skills in understanding the connection between agriculture and natural resources. Student knowledge and skills are developed in: understanding natural resources and its importance; fish, wildlife, and forestry management and conservation; and exploring outdoor recreational enterprises. Alternative energy and the careers opportunities available with alternative energy will also be discussed.  Hunting and fishing as a sport, growing and managing tree forests, and outdoor safety education will be featured. Career exploration will be discussed including: park ranger, game warden, campground manager, forester, conservation officer, wildlife manager, and related occupations.  

Learning Maps -->  Natural Resources


AgriBusiness - Operations & Entrepreneurship  Grades 11-12

This course will develop students' understanding of the agricultural industry relating to the United States and World marketplace.  Instructional units include: business ownership types, planning and organizing the agribusiness, financing the agribusiness, keeping and using records in an agribusiness, operating the agribusiness, agricultural law, taxes, trading in the future and stock markets, and developing employability skills. 

Learning Maps -->  AgriBusiness 


BSAA Plant Science I  Grades 10-12

This course is designed to reinforce and extend students understanding of science by associating basic scientific principles and concepts with relevant applications in agriculture. Students will examine major phases of plant growth and management in agriculture and the specific biological science concepts that govern management decisions. Topics of study are in the areas of initiating plant growth – germination, plant sensory mechanisms, enzyme action, absorption, and managing plant growth – photosynthesis, respiration, translocation, metabolism, and growth regulation.  

Credit earned from this course can be applied to the Science graduation requirement.

Learning Maps -->  BSAA Plant Science


BSAA Animal/Vet Science I

Students will examine major phases of animal agriculture and specific biological science concepts that govern management decisions in the animal industry. Topics of study are in the areas of growth and development of animals – embryology, nutrition, immunity systems, and processing animal products – preservation, fermentation, and pasteurization. The course will be valuable preparation for further education and will increase the relevance of science through the applied setting of agriculture by enhancing literacy in science and the scientific process.

Credit earned from this course can be applied to the Science graduation requirement.

Learning Maps -->  BSAA Animal/Vet Science I


Supervised Agricultural Experience Program  Grades 9-12

To enroll in this course a student must be enrolled in another course in this department and a member of the FFA organization. The course is a full year enrollment of independent study based on completion of a project and record books approved by the instructor. Students will choose a project from 22 possible selections, ranging from mechanics to wildlife management.


Building Maintenance

This courses focuses on learning experiences and skills in servicing building systems, repair and maintenance of machinery, maintaining plumbing systems, minor electrical repairs essential heating ventilation and air conditioning system maintenance, painting, and basic carpentry. During this course, students will gain hands-on maintenance experience as part of our building maintenance staff. 


Nutrition and Wellness Occupations

This course expands a student's knowledge and experience in the areas of nutrition concepts, food science, and healthy lifestyles. Nutritional analysis, food allergies, menu analysis, meal planning and management, and food safety of some of the areas of emphasis. During this course, students will gain hands-on kitchen experience as part of our kitchen staff. 


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