HS Course Scheduling Guide

The high school course scheduling guide is designed to help students and families construct a path to success. By enrolling and engaging in dynamic middle school electives and rich high school courses aligned with who you want to become, students can position themselves for success after high school.

The course offerings outlined here are designed to remain consistent year after year. This allows students and families the opportunity to construct a path early and adjust as needs arise. We encourage all students to engage in courses from a variety of pathways in an effort to broaden their overall knowledge and skill.  

This guide is organized into the following sections.

  • HS Course Scheduling Guide
  • College & Career Pathways
  • Course Progressions
  • Course Offerings & Descriptions
  • HS Graduation Requirements
  • Academic Honors & Achievements

We are confident these revitalized courses will position students/families to chart your own path toward success. We encourage all students to utilize the opportunity to explore and travel a variety pathways designed to connect high school with readiness for college and career. We will be here to help. We will be here to guide. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Who do you want to become?


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