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American Government

American Government meets and exceeds all State of Illinois high school requirements for “constitution tests” and other civic and government mandates from the State Board of education. In this course, students study the institutions of American national and Illinois state government, and then explore how those institutions interact and function in a modern American society. All students are required, during the school year, to attend one meeting of an elected body and keep up with events in the news. At the end of the year, if time permits, there is a short unit on basic economics, and how the government and economy interact.


World History & Geography I & II

course description coming soon


AP US History

course description coming soon


Publications  Grades 11-12

This course focuses documenting school/community events and publishing the results periodically throughout the year. Students will learn the basic elements of journalism and yearbook production.  Special emphasis on topics include:  journalistic writing, photography, journalistic business practices, computer applications, sales, and interviewing.  Students taking this course must be self-directed yet able to work effectively in a group.  Leadership, cooperation, and high standards of achievement will be learned in the Publications classroom.


Introduction to Psychology (University of Toronto via Coursera)

This course is all about you ... your mind, your behavior, and what underlies them both. It will be a fast paced tour of the most important experiments in psychology, one that is intended to fascinate, inform, and provoke deep thought. Come learn about yourself with us!


Introduction to Sociology (Princeton University via Coursera)

In this class we will cover the essentials of sociology, to help you better understand your own life and situations far from your experience.


Social Psychology (Wesleyan University via Coursera)

Coursera's largest class is back by popular demand! Ever wonder why people do what they do? This course offers some answers based on the latest research from social psychology.


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