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Health  Grades 9-10

Each student shall take the equivalent of one semester. Course description coming soon.


Physical Education  Grades 9-12

Each student shall be required to take physical education daily, however, course substitutions and exemptions in accordance with BOE policy 6:310 are allowed.

Students will develop physical fitness, learn good personal hygiene for healthful living, develop recreational skills, develop good sportsmanship and fair play, and learn desirable social attitudes in physical education.  Individual and dual sports (badminton, table tennis, dance, golf, pickle ball) will be included in the curriculum where class size and equipment are suitable. Team sports available are soccer, speedball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, softball, cage ball, whiffleball, ultimate Frisbee, monarch. Physical fitness tests will be given.  Objectives of physical education courses include:  (a)  To develop skills and knowledge of individual and team activities for later use of leisure time, and (b) To establish a well-rounded program where students get a variety of activities and are taught the fundamentals and strategy of play. All non-contact sports competition will be coeducational.


Driver Education  Grades 9-10

This course consists of 30 hours of classroom work and 6 hours of behind the wheel training. Classroom work consists of the basic written test and an eye exam, which are both required to obtain a driving permit. The classroom also includes programs on insurance coverage, seatbelt and motorcycle safety and concludes with 4 instructional tapes on how to apply the rules of the road. The grade you receive will be the average of the 30 classroom hours. The final phase of the class is the 6 hours of the behind the wheel training with the instructor. Your grade in this phase will be the pass or fail that you receive on your license facility road test.



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