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Introduction to Business (CTE12001A001)

Introduction to Business is an orientation level course designed to provide an overview of all aspects of business marketing and management, including the concepts, functions, and skills required for meeting the challenges of operating a business in a global economy. Topics covered will include the various forms of business ownership, including entrepreneurship, as well as the basic functional areas of business (finance, management, marketing, administration and production).


This course is available to 8th grade students for yearlong course enrollment. Grades earned count toward cumulative high school GPA.

Business Software Applications

Business Software Applications is designed to develop computer competency. Students will use a variety of computer applications with emphasis on word processing, spreadsheets, database management, presentation software, desktop publishing, and photo editing. Students will become proficient integrating these applications.

Accounting I-IV

This course provides a general introduction to accounting and emphasizes the need for financial records. It presents the fundamental accounting equation and its application to accounting procedures, including the basic steps of the accounting cycle, special journals and ledgers, worksheets, adjusting and closing entries, the purchase and sale of merchandise, notes and interest, payroll records, and personal income taxes. This course develops the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary for individuals to conduct personal business or to further an education in a variety of careers in the business world.

Personal Finance  (senior year course)

Course description coming soon.

International Business  Grades 10-12

Course description coming soon.

Advanced Marketing  Grades 10-12

This course focuses on the wide range of factors that influence the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. Topics may include (but are not limited to) market research, the purchasing process, distribution systems, warehouse and inventory control, salesmanship, sales promotions, shoplifting and theft control, business management, and entrepreneurship. Human relations, computers, and economics are often covered as well.


Entrepreneurial Experience  Grades 10-12

Course description coming soon.

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