Safe Water Update

Moreland Environmental Services took additional water samples at school today. The lab is working hard to complete testing for all central Illinois schools and day care centers in accordance with the new state law. They expect to have results to us by January 31st. Until then, our morning faucet flush routine will continue, and some units will remain shutdown.
While Moreland Envrinomental was here, we had them verify our action plan with the reported findings. They indicated the dish sink sprayer returned high rather than the kitchen restroom sink we shutdown. In response, we shutdown the dish sink sprayer and ran a temporary hose for kitchen staff to use in the dish sink area until the issue is resolved. While we await results, we consulted the WaterSense Products section of the EPA website in search of replacement parts. After study, Encore Series "Low Lead" replacement components for the older 2 sprayers in the kitchen were ordered. A licensed plumber has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon to replace the kitchen sprayer components. Moreland Environmental is scheduled to return and retest the kitchen on Thursday. A replacement faucet for the kitchen hand sink was ordered as well. Our goal is a clean bill of health from all kitchen water sources after next Thursday's tests are returned.
An additional replacement faucet was ordered to have on hand pending test results.
Water Fountains
A replacement bottle filling station and water fountain for the HS/Cafeteria areas were ordered. We will work with the architect to determine the most appropriate placement per school code. These units will match the existing grade school units. A bottle filling station for the MS hall was also ordered to replace the old existing unit. 
Our primary objective is to pinpoint any/all plumbing components returning lead concentration readings above 5.0 ppb. As new test results are received, school personnel will work with the newly formed BOE "Safe Water Committee" and the Building Committee to implement an appropriate action plan. Members of the community have also asked us to explore the issue of lead testing for kids. Exploration of that issue will begin next week.
If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact Superintendent Tim Farquer in the district office at 309.639.2219 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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