Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge

Photo: Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge!  Encourage students to enter "Mr. Binder's Creative Challenge..." a friendly, whole-school competition to promote school spirit and unity. Here is the challenge: Students (any grade, PK-12), are to "create" a representation (can be a painting, drawing, collage...any artistic interpretation) that adheres to the theme :   WILLIAMSFIELD SCHOOLS:  ONE SCHOOL, ONE HOME, ONE FAMILY.    Entries must be no smaller than 8 x 10.   Entries must be submitted to the Principal's Office by Monday, September 22nd.   This challenge requires students to use creativity (think outside the box!) to represent our school in the best possible light.   Entries will be judged based on creativity, individuality, artistry, and most importantly, representation of theme.  1st Prize Winners will receive: $20 "Billbucks" to the Billtown Café (good for any lunch, ala carte, or concession item) Unveiling/Display in Principal's Office Published in The Weekly Post, Billtown Webpage & Facebook.  2nd Prize Winners will receive:  $10 "Billbucks" to the Billtown Café  (as well as all of the above).  Students will also be recognized at the next assembly.  All entries will be displayed throughout our building for students, staff and families to see.  Don't let age or experience hold you back...everyone is creative. This contest is about the strengths, talents and unique qualities that our school HOME.  So what are you waiting for? Start CREATING! It's time for Principal. Binder's Fourth Annual Creative Challenge! Mr. Binder is looking for creative, talented students to engage in a friendly school-wide challenge to promote school spirit and unity. Our theme this year is: "Billtown Brave: Wholeheartedly Embracing the Billtown 9." Billtown Brave is our mantra for the year. We believe that we grow stronger as a school and community by Trusting one Another and Working Together. Embracing the billtown 9, we are courageously creating a culture where all people are accepted. Together, we can accomplish anything! At Billtown, we are Braver, and Better, TOGETHER.



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